- Gross weight of fish will be 15-20% less after gutting & scaling.

  我们的渔夫会帮您去鱼鳞,去内脏. 清理好后鱼的重量大概会减少15-20%。


- The fish size will vary slightly. Our fishermen will always try to catch the weight you desire. However in the case a smaller fish was caught, we will bank transfer the price difference back to you. Thank you for your understanding.



Red Snapper Steak 红鱼鱼块 Per 100g


-Hybrid grouper is a a hybrid species of the tiger and giant grouper. It has the fatty flavour of a giant grouper and the tenderness of tiger grouper. 

-Suitable cooking method: Steam, deep fried, grill and many more.  


-适合烹饪的方式 :蒸,炸,煎