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Quality Seafood is Our Business

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KL Fish Market


The KL Fish Market Sdn Bhd is formed in 2013 and specialized in local market and also provide export in Asia region. We aim to offer quality products to ensure customers satisfactory and expectations on freshness and food safety by organized practices and monitoring. We are one of the Marine Fish Farmers Association of Malaysia (MFFAM) members that have been actively cooperating through information exchange in technological development and research for aquaculture management and related activities. In Malaysia, we have sales operating team travels all over Malaysia and Asia region to provide service and support to our customers. We are also providing the transportation to deliver products upon customer orders mainly to mange quality control, traceability, and cost effective in reaching all our customers.


Our efforts to promote innovative and sustainable aquaculture have received due recognition from the likes of Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM), Selangor Agrofest with award for Best Aquatic Farming Entrepreneur and Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice (myGAP) with certifications for fulfilling Malaysian Standard in Marine Aquaculture. 




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Ocean Kingdom

In 2011, the operating team has commenced in the aquaculture industry by establishment of a fish farm, Ocean Kingdom Sdn Bhd. The Fish Farm is an offshore cage farm which is easily accessible and strategically located in Pulau Ketam, Klang. The increasing demand for fish and fish protein has caused overfishing in the ocean wildlife. The Fish Farm has expanded substantially in scale to ensure the sustainability of fish supplies towards the market demand.



F1 Aquaculture

The F1 Aquaculture is one of our supply chain commencing the hatching and nursery through specialized pond farms where young fish are raised for subsequent transfer for fish farms. 



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